About Sri Lanka

Fondly known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, an island of paradise full of unexpected surprises, Sri Lanka has been a sought out destination for trade and travel since time immemorial. Glowing in a tropical climate, it is a land blessed by mother nature with incredible diversity, where golden beaches, misty mountains, arid deserts & lush jungles, and creatures great, small and uniquely wonderful all thrive in a space just 445km long and 225km wide. The explorers of old time called it ‘Garden of Eden’, ‘Taprobane’, ‘Serendib’; ‘Ceylon’: and spoke in awe of the island’s beauty and riches. One of a kind escapes that provide an insight into what has made this nation the “Wonder of Asia”.

Sri Lanka has a rich history and heritage that is very much a part of the country’s culture. The Cultural Triangle where you will find three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Part of Sri Lanka’s charm is its dazzling coastline where one will find pristine beaches that provide an idyllic getaway with plenty of fun in the sun, sand and surf. Moving further inland will bring you to the country’s majestic Hill Country where you will be greeted by breathtaking vistas of mountains and lush green tea plantations. Sri Lanka is also known for its exotic wildlife which can be observed at the country’s National Parks. Nature lovers and thrill seekers have much to look forward to an adventure which last a lifetime.

Sri Lanka is an island which will surely surpass your highest expectations…!!!


Witness the scenic view of the countryside surrounded by hills, sparkling streams, gorgeous waterfalls, lush green tea plantations and feel the cool breeze flowing from lush green mountains, for true rejuvenation. Set amidst stunning natural beauty, our hill country tours for Sri Lanka offer an experience of a lifetime.

The approach by road or rail to the spectacular hill country is a highly enjoyable experience. Blessed with cool climbs, Kandy & Nuwara-Eliya represents medieval culture and colonial architecture respectively.


Relax on sun kissed shores and take a dip in the azure waters with these tours offered by Iconic Ceylon Travels, making you feel the island’s love! The beach tours are specifically designed for those with a thirst for coastal getaways.


Come observe nature in all its grandeur when travelling to Sri Lanka. Be ready for a Big game Safari, little bird watching and witness smaller miracles of nature. These tours are designed for nature lovers & wildlife enthusiasts, providing unique outings in the wild.


Sri Lanka is a unique island that boasts of a fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage. Our tour packages can be organized that let you witness everything from ancient ruins to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


We provide a complete spectrum of accommodation options including villas, bungalows, boutique / luxury / 3 – 5 star hotels, home stays, back-packer accommodation and campsites with luxury tented accommodation. Located across the island, these hotels feature the best in service & hospitality.


We provide you with total domestic transport solutions to ensure safe, environment friendly, comfortable, luxurious & hassle-free low cost transportation to all needs in Sri Lanka. Our dedicated transport provides high quality cars, mini vans, mini coaches and large coaches. Our transport arm is equipped with the largest and modern fleet of vehicles in the island and our fleets of vehicles are accompanied by professional teams of trained English / foreign language speaking chauffeur guides.